Gruber on the iPhone 5C and 5S

Here’s the thing. The iPhone 5C has nothing to do with price.

It’s just that instead of putting the year-old iPhone 5 in slot #2, they’ve created the 5C to debut in that slot. The 5C is, effectively, an iPhone 5. Same A6, same camera, same just about everything — except for the most obvious difference, its array of colorful plastic shells. … The prices of the iPhone tiers remain the same as last year. What changes with the 5C is that the middle tier is suddenly more appealing, and has a brand of its own that Apple can promote apart from the flagship 5S.

In marketing, what looks new is new.

This move is about establishing the iPhone as a two-sibling family, like how the MacBooks have both the Airs and the Pros. Think of the 5C as the Air, and the 5S as the Pro. Or iMac and Mac Pro. The iPhone is growing up as a product family.

Great analysis.

Blind Browser

If only they had a browser that did the opposite. Until then I’ll keep saving for a Retina MacBook Pro…

Startup Edition

This is really cool. I just subscribed.

Startup Edition is a curated gathering of bloggers in the startup community, sharing their wisdom and response to a single question each week.

iOS 7 Animations Take Too Long

The Springboard animations take far too long.

It’s pretty cool the first time we see all of the icons fly in. But do we really need to sit through that every time we unlock the phone or leave an app?

Animation can be impressive, instructive, and delightful when done right. But when it’s too heavy-handed, it becomes annoying and patronizing: You think you’re impressing me, but you’re wasting my time.

Cut the animation durations in half.


The Job

The entire article is a great read, but I love this quote in particular:

I need to relate the problem to a situation in order to understand it. The reason I am making a product is to give people capability they lack. That’s why they pay for it. The gap between the person’s current situation and the situation they want to be in defines value for them. They hire your product to do a job. The job is their definition of progress from here to there.

Yahoo Tops Google As Biggest Website (Even Without Tumblr)

Don’t these stories normally read the other way around?

Tridiv: A web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS

Very cool. One of those apps I could never make.

Packer v0.1

A new open source project from Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant.

Packer is an open source tool for creating machine images, such as AMIs, VirtualBox images, Vagrant boxes, etc. Packer uses a single portable input format – a template – to generate the images for multiple platforms in parallel, so you can create identical AMIs, VMware machines, etc. all at once. This unlocks a lot of interesting use cases.

Vesper App

I’ve been using Vesper for the past week. It’s a great app, especially for a 1.0 release. My only big request is a way to use it when I’m not on my phone.

First Look: OS X Mavericks

I agree some of the apps look bland. I imagine they’ll improve, but until OS X gets a design overhaul we’ll have to deal with more recent apps feeling out of place. Redesign

The old design was so Web 1.0.

Amazon plans major move into grocery business

The most interesting part about this move:

A successful foray into groceries could also help underwrite the development of a broad-based delivery service employing Amazon trucks to deliver directly to homes, which could have implications for UPS, FedEx and other package delivery companies that currently ship Amazon goods.

Yahoo Board to Meet Sunday to Consider $1.1 Billion, All-Cash Deal to Acquire Tumblr

Sources said that as part of the deal, founder and CEO David Karp would continue to operate the business, with Mayer promising him a level of autonomy, despite the need to integrate closely with Yahoo too. He will be locked in, sources said, via a four-year deal that will reward him for performance of the business.
Presumably, the Tumblr brand will continue.

While Tumblr’s Karp has resisted various offers for the company over the years, Mayer spent a lot of time with him reassuring him of how Yahoo could turbocharge his business. He has also been searching for a COO to help him build out the infrastructure of its business, especially its advertising one.

Chrome’s requestAutocomplete()

What does this mean in practice? It means that we can replace most forms with two-click signups and two-click payments, dramatically improving usability and conversion rates.

Sounds awesome!

Tig for Git

I haven’t used this much, but love the idea.

I’m a big fan of Git, but I’m not such a big fan of most UIs for it, especially the ones integrated into IDEs. I find them convoluted and confusing … I love my command line. Except once in a while, it’s nice to be able to see a “graphical” view of your history, or to have a bit of help when preparing your commits.